What is different about our church you may ask?

Well, we  are a bible focused Church that believes the bible to be the very Word of God. That it is perfect and complete and is our final authority for faith and practice.

We believe that God has preserved His word for us today in the Authorized version of the Bible also known as the King James Version. As Bible believers we seek to put the Bible into practice in our lives as we seek to win the lost to Christ. We sing only traditional psalms, hymns and songs that we believe uplift Christ and please God.

We are a church that centers itself on the Bible, seeking to exalt Jesus Christ by the preaching of the Gospel; that souls will be saved and believers will edified to follow Christ. We believe our ministry is different from many others today because we have chosen to be a Bible, Christ-centered ministry rather than a man-centered and man pleasing ministry.

We meet at 69 Langton Road, Glasgow. G53 5DD. Sunday Services: 11 AM and 7PM

Eccl 8:4  Where the word of a king is, there is power:

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